Susan Erfesoglou

Susan Erfesoglou

Senior Vice President of Quality Management and Compliance

Susan Erfesoglou brings over two decades of invaluable experience in quality management and compliance to her role as Senior Vice President at Magnate Worldwide. With a distinguished career trajectory spanning various leadership positions, Susan has consistently demonstrated her prowess in optimizing operational efficiency while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Her journey in the logistics and transportation industry began at Fine Arts Express, where she served as Vice President of Operations for fifteen years before transitioning to Masterpiece International. Over her nearly 23 years at Masterpiece, she opened the Houston office as the Branch manager and was later appointed as the Senior Vice President of Quality Management and Compliance. In her current role at Magnate Worldwide, Susan continues to leverage her extensive expertise to drive excellence and foster a culture of compliance within the organization.

Susan’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Fine Art from Hendrix College, complemented by coursework towards a Master’s degree in Art History from the University of North Texas. This interdisciplinary foundation has equipped her with a unique perspective, allowing her to approach quality management and compliance with both analytical rigor and creative problem-solving skills. Susan’s dedication to continuous improvement, coupled with her strategic leadership abilities, positions her as a key driving force behind Magnate Worldwide’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and compliance standards in the logistics industry.

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